Review: MakerStudio Gears Set

MakerStudio, by ThinkFun, is a series of building kits. There are three versions: Gears, Propellors, and Winches. Each one works as a standalone product. If you’re like me, when you read a phrase like building kit or construction toy, you immediately think of Tinker Toys and Erector Sets, or maybe Legos and Lincoln Logs. Younger kids…

Newsletter: Spring has sprung!

Newsletter #74: Spring has Sprung!
After an extended absence caused by technical problems, the newsletter is finally back. For us, it is very much like spring: a new beginning after a difficult season. Celebrate with us by checking out our fantastic articles. Thanks for all you do as educators and parents, and thanks for caring enough to bring fun into your students’ lives!

Homemade ‘Look and Find’ Games

Educators and families alike are in a sort of conundrum when it comes to entertaining their brood. Part of you wants something fast, part of you wants something that will entertain them for long periods of time – that they will genuinely enjoy, but that won’t take a lot of work on your personal part.