Playing for the future

Every teacher and parent wants to do the same thing: prepare their kids for the future. Some of us may prioritize financial success, others may focus on helping them build the confidence and skills to accomplish great things. Still others just want their kids to have a happy life. Regardless of your specific goal, play has an important role. The skills a person uses to play as a child mirror the skills they'll need later in life.


Toying with our emotions

Remember your favorite toy from childhood? Or the coveted present you never got, and the emptiness that lingers? Those emotional tugs from long ago tell you that toys are more than fun, they are a profound part of our lives as children, and as adults. Here's an interesting article about how toys can play with our emotions.

After school games program: No electronics allowed

Libertyville's after-school games program has a "no eletronics" policy. Why? Read all about it here!

Game Review: Timeline

In school students take history, math, art and science – but how much do they understand the intertwined timelines these subjects have?  Do you they know when the typewriter was invented in comparison to the first publishing of the Lord of the Rings?  Or what about when the development of the Pythagorean theorem in relation to the building of the Eiffel Tower?  And where in all this was the telephone invented?!


Add Free Time for Creativity

My kids love to play outdoors. They enjoy setting up tents, running through sprinklers, digging in the sand box, looking for bugs, collecting rocks, and more. They love playing outside after dark, too, and often ask to jump on the trampoline before going to bed. My daughter says, “We need to get our wiggles out before we go to sleep, mom!”


Games and Educators in the News

Here's a short television piece about ways games can be educational during the holidays. There's an advertisement at the beginning, but just one: 

Courtesy of KQCD.COM - Dickinson, ND - News, Weather, Sports

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