Why Hopscotch Matters

If I had to pick a game that was not educational, I m{jcomments on}ay well have chosen hopscotch. Turns out I couldn't have been more wrong. Click here to read more!

The Power of Play With Children

New Parent magazine has an article about the power of play with children. From why play matters to six specific "play pointers" for playing with your kids, this article is absolutely fascinating. Click here to read it!

June 2012 Newsletter: Summer Brains

June's newsletter features the cure for summer brain drain, an interview with Denise Pope, and a fascinating look at how one game company approached the task of creating a classroom version of their game.{jcomments on}


Is Summer Brain Drain Real?

According to the National Summer Learning Association, kids not only "experience learning losses," they also get fatter! Yikes. Click here to read the full article, and then check out how you can help stop these learning losses.

Simple Math Tips Add Up

What's the key to teaching math? Well, there are a couple of them, at least according to this article in The Windsor Star. Among the list of great ideas is encouraging parents to get involved with games and activities to help keep their children engaged. Click here to read more!

Newsletter for May 2012: The Creation Issue

{jcomments on}The May Newsletter (the Creation Issue) is out. Enjoy!


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