The Most Important Skills

Richard Gottlieb writes about a crisis in play in Global Toy News, citing a recent article by psychologist Peter Gray.

"The most important skills that children everywhere must learn in order to live happy, productive, moral lives are skills that cannot be taught in school. Such skills cannot be taught at all. They are learned and practiced by children in play." writes Peter Gray

Read Richard's analysis!
Read Peter Gray's article!

Playful Learning Summit

The Playful Learning Summit is this coming Friday and Saturday at Clemson. From their web site, "This is a two day educators' summit on game-based learning in the classroom. Please join us, local colleagues, and national experts to learn and share how to effectively integrate games into your teaching. Together we’ll explore how game play can ignite student passion in your classroom through inspiring talks, hands-on workshops, and, of course, playing games!"

April 2014 Newsletter: New Ideas!

Spring is here, traditionally a time of new life and new hope. In our case, it's also about new ideas, ideas like how to use play in social situations, or ways to learn your students' personalities, or even how the America's cup team used Q-bitz. Enjoy!


Q-Bitz On the Brain

By Peggy Brown
I’m a professional game inventor, a career choice that’s not for the squeamish nor faint of heart. It actually requires being certifiably nuts. To put it into a certifiable nutshell, I work on whims and hunches, unpaid and at my own expense, on the microscopic sliver of an imagined possibility that I might be able to talk somebody with wherewithal into taking my weenie-widget (or whatever), backing it with big bucks and serving it up to the masses, and after all that, blow a little decimal dust my way.


Learning Personalities through Play

As teachers, knowing the personalities of our students strengthens our ability to deliver a better learning environment.  Engaging children in game play can give quick insight into these personality traits. There are personality quizzes out there, but spending time around a game, engaged in play, is a great alternative way for this insight. You might even get to know yourself more, too!


The Magic of the Floor

Have you ever had the sudden realization that something you did as a parent or educator had a much broader consequence than you originally intended? It happened to me the other day, in a way that you can benefit from.


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