Using Games to Improve Teaching

Fort Wayne schools are investigating the ways that games can help in the classroom, citing the advantages of increasing engagement and encouraging teamwork. Click here to read all about it!

February 2014: What's New!

This month's newsletter is all about what's new. It's got new products from Toy Fair, a new game review, and, best of all, a great article from Meryl Neiman about how teachers can help parents add play to their children's lives.


Helping Parents Add Play to their Children's Lives

By Meryl Neiman

I’m thrilled to be writing my first article for Games for Educators. As readers of this newsletter, you already understand what many unfortunately don’t: that play is integral to every aspect of a child’s healthy development. I speak and write about returning unstructured play to kids because until relatively recently, like most other parents, I truly didn’t get it.


Number Games and Math Skills

The headline of this article is "Number Games Could Improve Math Skills" and it looks at research that found that kids who thought about numbers and quantities performed better when doing math. They don't know if there's a long-term bump in math skills, but the connection to games that involve numbers is obvious. Time to break out those Cribbage boards!

DIY, Toys, and Saving Lives

Tina Rosenberg takes a look at people coming up with makeshift DIY solutions to serious problems, and where toys fit in. Fascinating stuff. Give it a read!

Ways to Unplug

Looking for some great ideas to unplug and having fun. Brian Turtle, of Endless Games, has the answers. Check it out!


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