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Feature Articles

Head Math

by Kim Vandenbroucke
Head Math, as Kim calls it, is the math we do in our head (as opposed to on computers, calculators, or phones). Can games help? Of course!
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Teaching Math through Games

by Shara Lawrence-Weiss
Please help me in welcoming Shara as our newest columnist! In her first article she takes a quick look at how games can help with teaching math, and follows that with some game and web site recommendations for you.
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Reasons to Read

by Jennifer Petsche
Drop Everything and Read Day is in just a few weeks, and Jennifer helps get us ready for it with a reminder on just how reading benefits us all.
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Great Stories from the Web

Playing with Parents Improves Academic Success

So, does playing games have a measurable effect on your child's success in school? It turns out that the answer is yes.

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Money Lessons from Games

What's fascinating about this article isn't just the lessons that its author learned, but also the financial lessons we can use games to teach. Monopoly, anyone?

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Inspire Lifelong Learning has an article about ways that you can get your kids excited about learning.

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Have an Idea for a Story?

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We're always on the lookout for good stories, whether they're game reviews, or ways teachers or parents can use games, or even discussions of the educational benefits of games.

If there's something specific you'd like us to write about, let us know! This newsletter is all for you, after all. Why not let us know what you are interested in?


March Mathness

March is Math Month here at Games for Educators, and we've got two articles all about math games just for you.

What's next month, you ask? Why reading, of course, and Jennifer gives us a preview this month, telling us all about a great reading event on April 12th.



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