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Teaching Math Through Games

In her first column for us, Shara takes a look at her own experience using games to teach math to her kids, along with some examples of games that you can use with yours.

It was no surprise to me that my eldest son came into the world loving math. Why not, right? His mother loves words, English, literacy and all things related to books. Of course I’d give birth to a math-loving child who would stretch my ability and creative thinking skills!

For many years I was a nanny and I attempted to keep children engaged both indoors and out. I worked in Preschools, too, and would watch how naturally the children took to game playing, sorting, counting and anything related to learning.

My own parents played board and card games with their daughters from early on. As far back as my memory serves I can recall playing games with my folks and with my sisters. When my son was old enough I decided to use games at home to strengthen his math skills. We played Yahtzee, dice games, card games and more. He loved that I was willing to play math-focused games with him even when my own math skills were lacking. I also played games with the kids I nannied for and they had a blast!

Here are some fun math games to consider for your home or classroom:

There are also great opportunities online.

Shara Lawrence-Weiss has a background in early childhood education. She's the editor of (Early Childhood News and Resources), as well as several other web sites. She's also a proud parent, avid game player, and a Library Board Member.


+1 #1 Jason Hauger 2012-03-23 08:04
It seems that so many games are geared towards elementary level math (addition, subtraction, place value, etc...) and not high school subjects such as Algebra. My first attempt at making an Algebra game turned out pretty well. It plays somewhat similar to Sequence but with math equations. If you want to check it out you can find it on BoardGameGeem or The Game Crafter. It is called Solve and Settle.
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